Wednesday, January 15, 2014

#103 - Fever

I, uhhh, I'm not even sure this makes sense. 

But when I wrote down the idea (probably back in 2010) it was totes relevant and hilarious, I'm sure.

ALSO, much more importantly, I was just wondering if all you lovely dudes and dudettes could do me a favour and.... 

( for the record, this friend was one of the main people that convinced me to start updating Octopuns again, so you personally owe him ).

It's called Tap & Blast and it was JUST released on iOS devices today. It'd be super cool if you could check it out ( once again, it's FREE! ). Just click the picture to go to the iTunes page or search for it on the appstore. In exchange for you doing me this favour, I'll totally keep updating Octopuns forever*. It's a win-win situation. 

* not a guarantee

At the very least, please check out the developer's site: and follow them on twitter @raptusgames

That would be amaaaazing. I'll owe you one. :)

Okay, I'm done hounding you for now. Check back in a week or so for an even worse comic.


  1. Can't wait for the next terrible comic!

    1. The fact that your name is "Sarkasms" concerns me greatly.

  2. Talk about being blown out of proportion.

  3. took me a few seconds but this is really good

  4. You're like the Dan Harmon of web comics.

  5. Hah that's what you get for staying in bed all day! /badpuncomprehension

  6. The officer was lucky the dude only had two arms.

  7. I was reading through these, and I was thinking... What is up with up?

    Pun not intended.